Balloon Vacuum

Affordable, fun vacuum.
Ready for production.

Familiar form but with addition of joyful details.

Upon initial form sketch, my goal was to find the proper form that is wistful and makes sense from a functional point of view. With that criterion in mind, I could narrow it down into a singular path.

Elegant design with easy peasy assembly.

My biggest problem was why charming objects all need to be priced higher than others. By designing with easy assembly and production cost in mind, Balloon Vacuum brings joy to cleaning chores. Its playful shape adds a touch of whimsy to any space, all at an affordable price point.

From beginning to end, designed with hands.

Physical prototypes played a pivotal role in refining the form of the inside and outside of the vacuum cleaner. With various rounds of user testing, I could identify and problem-solve the majority of details that could not have been done otherwise, like finding the right size of the handle.

Product of tight cross-functional communication

MintAir is a Korea-based startup with a rich engineering background. As one of two designers, my task was to collaborate tightly with the in-house team to create a concept that not only embodies the company's vision but is also production-ready.

Tech Pack for injection molding.

Below are a few pages from the extensive tech pack created for Balloon Vacuum. It indicates various technical details, including the plausible locations of the parting line, ejector pin mark, placement of sliders, and more.