MintAir : UAM

Concept Urban Air Mobility Project for a Korean startup, MintAir.

What is Urban Air Mobility?

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) refers to the emerging industry focused on the use of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and drones to provide on-demand air transportation within urban and metropolitan areas. UAM aims to revolutionize urban transportation by offering faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional ground-based travel.

Product of tight cross-functional communication

MintAir is a Korea-based startup with a rich engineering background. As one of two designers, my task was to collaborate tightly with the in-house team to create a concept that not only embodies the company's vision but is also production-ready.

Beautiful main form that makes sense.

Designing an aerial vehicle with minimal drag is critical for maximizing fuel efficiency. The fluid design of the concept drone is set out to accomplish just that. I also coined the idea of using wind as a natural source of coolant for the batteries, which was adopted into the design.

Slightly angled wing for improved balance.

A flight mockup showed that the front-raised design causes a slight imbalance during flight. To compensate for the issue, together with the engineering team, we considered different creative ways, deciding on a 2-degree tilt to the side wings.

Raised wing tip for agile performance.

One of the problems that holds back UAM's becoming a viable transport is its battery and efficiency. More than any other vehicle, it requires a huge power output, resulting in low efficiency. The engineering team and I took every measure to improve efficiency through design, including raising its wingtip.

Behind the Scene

Effectively communicating with cross-functional team.

As one of two designers in a startup company where most had no background in art, we needed to develop effective ways to communicate ideas visually for a solid understanding of each other's visions. Some of the different tools we've explored are shown here.