NIO Buddy

Concept EV & ecosystem for meaningful connection with user.

What if cars can feel empathy?

NIO Buddy is the next evolution in the intelligent vehicle, providing an emotional bond with its owner - becoming part of a family. The Buddy system offers more than just a comforting environment. It aims to be a life companion.

For all of us who needs emotional escape.

NIO Buddy is for people like us who seek beyond our materialistic needs. By offering a deep emotional connection, the Buddy system allows for a safe heaven where you can let go of your social barriers.

Warmth, inspired by our fourth family member.

The Buddy system was devised after being inspired by the American pet culture. Like beloved animals, we wanted to create a solid empathetic friendship, transcending the limits of species. We studied subtle languages that pets and their owner use to build trust to achieve such.

Behind the Scene

Extensive ecosystem to create solid emotional bond.

The Buddy system is comprised of not just a vehicle. Instead, it is the sum of the entire experience delivered by different components including but not limited to AI, personal connection device and seats. Contact to learn more!