Boston Dynamics : Spot XR

XR Platform for special inspectors,
for safer world.

The direct way to accurately assess any environment.

Spot XR can evaluate any space for perfect safety. Its built-in AI eliminates any room for human error while collaborating effortlessly with all stakeholders in real time. You can also directly access any environment without compromising safety with Spot of Boston Dynamics.

Precise inspection with array of modular sensors.

Spot XR features a modular approach in its array of sensors. Simply swapping units on a whim and having onboard AI assist you allows you to meet any need without needing to carry a bulk of various tools and familiarize yourself with each one.

Artificial Intelligence Module

Spot XR's Artificial Intelligence module features a wide assortment of sensors that enable the onboard system to make initial judgments on the situation at a glance, being able to do much of the heavy lifting. It is also a primary module that pairs best with Spot, the robot dog.

Infra Red Light Module

Spot XR's infrared light module equips a powerful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) sensor that allows one to document and assess a space's thermal-related data accurately. It also can be used as a night vision goggle to see through any veil of darkness.

3D Scanner Module

Spot XR's 3D scanner empowers you to get accurate 3D data of a space, allowing for even closer inspection for later use. It could also be used to measure and inspect closely, compared with 3D CAD data.

Why Spot XR?

Improper Inspection Leads to Building Collapse

On June 24, 2021, Champlain Towers South, a 12-story beachfront condominium in Surfside, Florida, partially collapsed. The tragic incident resulted in the deaths of 98 people. Investigations into the cause of the collapse pointed towards structural issues and insufficient maintenance over the years.

Importance of intuition in proper inspection.

Intuition in inspection is the silent guardian that whispers truths beyond the reach of tools and gauges. It is the inspector’s presence, guided by this inner compass, that ensures the unseen is accounted for and the unspoken is acknowledged

Chris Kimball
Special Engineer