What if rehab exercise can be fun?

3 Minute wholesome fun, for your health.

Wobbleshroom is a healthcare device that combines Neuromuscular Activity and Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) into a single, engaging and inviting platform. It is a fun way to prevent future ankle sprains by effectively stimulating your peroneal muscles.

Music and vibration as your personal trainer.

Wobbleshroom uses music to guide users in which direction to move. Staying true to neuromuscular training, the device ensures all the muscles around the ankle are properly and evenly stimulated, just like our own personal trainer, but with added fun and comfort. On top of the music, Wobbleshroom uses vibration to signal its users in which direction to tilt their bodies. Vibration also serves as an added muscle stimulant, staying true to the idea behind Whole Body Vibration (WBV).

Why Wobbleshroom?

Gamifying exercise for everyone in all ages.

With the goal of gamifying wobble board, a tool that is often used during neuromuscular training, I explored numerous possibilities that would allow mundane activity to become engaging.

Danger of addictiveness and its unwanted outcome.

Both idea and recording of experience were reviewed by several doctors, including Gina Kim - a doctor of occupational therapy at Johns Hopkins University. Together, we have addressed and resolved several issues that could cause potential hazardous, only leaving out the health benefit.